Offensive General Level 1


Defense General Level 15

Generals are the warriors that lead your armies into battle. You may appoint new generals in your Generals' Crypt

There are 2 types of Generals: Offensive, which boost troop attack and Defensive which boost troop defense.

A level 1 Offensive general starts with 5% attack progressing 0.5% for every level gained up to level 10. A level 1 Defensive general starts with 10% defence progressing 0.5% for every level gained up to level 10. From level 10 they will gain 1 full percent of their attribute.

A level 18 defensive General haves +30% Defense.
Def 18 general

Def 18 General

You may only increase a Generals Experience to Level 15. Higher experience level Generals can only be hired if you find one after using a General Refresh in your Generals Crypt

After some datamining I found out that it is possible to increase your general's level beyond 15 by attacking. It just takes a lot of kills:

  • 15-16 = 35.000 wins
  • 16-17 = 65.000 wins
  • 17-18 = 100.000 wins
  • 18-19/19-20 = ?

Hope this helps.

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Please edit this portion out.

As for calculations per level of base + bonus I am missing and need help from other players on this..

Please edit this portion out.

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