thirst of night is a fun game but dont pay, play free, they allow scripts and u cant win no matter how much u play, when you goto kabam with a cheater and there are so many cheating atm, they do nothing, you call there number the mailbox is full, they do not answer you when u do report a cheater, i have played thirst of night sense january, i have seen power gains of players and no what to expect, i can see a player gaining 2 million a week even maybe 5 to 10 million power, but 200 million power in a day is like no way, and you show kabam and well nothing, i am beginning to think kabam gets paid from the people who write the scripts and that is why they do nothing, i want to try and get my money back i have paid, and i think all the honest players should do the same, maybe then kabam will take it serious

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